Privacy Policy

MailSys247 is a newsletter system used by our network of business partners to register members for newsletter / email marketing purposes.

Our system is dedicated to preserve the highest standards in the industry.

All members registered in our newsletter system have done so manually and in full acknowledge – no member has been subscribed against their will. In this regards, our system uses a double opt-in feature – this means that any user that entered their email address in the newsletter subscription form on any of our business partner websites will receive an email asking for confirmation for that subscription.

If the user does not click on the given link in this first email, he/she will not be receiving any email newsletters.

A user will be receiving newsletters / marketing emails only after confirming their subscription following the link sent in the first message.

Any subscribed user can manage their subscription at any time by following the links in the footer of each email, that offers quick access to managing user profile, newsletter lists subscribed to or simply to unsubscribe – no questions asked.

An unsubscribed user will not be receiving emails from our system anymore.

Personal Data

Our system keeps the following personal data on our users:

  • email address
  • newsletters sent, received, opened, clicked

What we do with the data

The data we have on file is used for statistical purposes to better understand what users are interested so we can better serve them in the future. No data will be shared or sold to third parties.